Who We Are

Wheels for Hope was established after Texas was devastated by Hurricane Harvey.   While the adults will be focused on providing the essentials: shelter, power and supplies, Wheels for Hope will gift each child with a new bike for Christmas. We will be continuing this each year.  Each year we will choose a location devastated by a natural event to gift a child in need with a new bike for Christmas.

 Contact Us

Phone: 540-529-7843
Email: pastorunity@cox.net
Facebook: Wheels For Hope

Why Bicycles?

The idea...

A couple from CommUNITY Church came up with this idea knowing the joy bicycles can bring to children, having a child of their own.  From that initial idea, Wheels for Hope was launched with the goal of bringing joy to 1,000 children in Texas! We have decided to continue this idea each year to a location that has been devastated by a natural event.

This is personal… 

When one of our church members, Bob Morris, came to me about this idea, he started with “you may think I am crazy, but…”  Instead of thinking him crazy, I added to the initial goal and set out to rally the troops and make his vision a reality!

Why is this is personal… 

In 1992 my family was stationed on the island of Guam when Super Typhoon Omar hit.  Winds with gusts over 200 mph left over 2,000 homes devastated and caused about 500 million in damage.  We were personally left without power and water for months.  With two small children in the home, Christmas presents were not a priority, rebuilding the islands infrastructure was.  
Isolated and powerless is how we all felt over the next few months, Wheels for Hope is one way we can show the children, they are not alone.

“Isolated and powerless is how we all felt” –Pastor Tom McCracken

Your Donations Are Special!

  • Transparent: Because your donations are funneled through CommUNITY Church, you can be confident that we have a solid history of integrity and are audited by an outside CPA!  Additionally, 100% of your donation will be used for the sole purpose of purchasing bicycles and getting them to Texas for distribution with no funds used to pay salaries, or overhead costs!
  • Accountable: Every step of the process, from donation to delivery, will be documented and reported to YOU through Facebook and our website with videos and updates!
  • Personal: While there are many great organizations doing great things, only this ministry allows YOU the opportunity to select that special bike and see your gift impact a family through video!
  • Tax Deductible: CommUNITY Church is a 501(c)(3) organization! Upon request, we will provide a receipt for the IRS.

What are we doing differently?

There are many wonderful organizations doing great things making a difference, In fact, CommUNITY Church is supporting some of them!  However, Wheels for Hope is unique in that we are looking forward to Christmas and focused on the children.
Your support will ensure children will have a gift under their tree this Christmas! How exciting to know that you will be able to stay connected from donation through delivery by updates and videos posted on our website, even going Facebook Live at the time of delivering the bikes this Christmas, This allows you to see your gift bringing joy to a child!

Thank you for supporting Wheels for Hope and may God bless your gift!