Noah Webster Educational Foundation (NWEF)

Pastor Tom recently had the honor of contributing to a new educational organization, The Noah Webster Educational Foundation (NWEF) Tom was recently interviewed by the founder, Mr. Melvin Adams, to discuss a variety of topics from faith to policy that affect both student and stakeholder alike. In addition, Pastor Tom is working on an article addressing bullying that will also be published through the NWEF and will be available soon! We are so thrilled that our pastor has been invited to the educational table and look forward to seeing how God will use this new relationship to impact the lives of all students.

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Pastor Tom has led our congregation to adopt two high schools: Salem and Northside, in addition to serving them all.  One such way we are doing that is through our collaboration with the Roanoke County Public School system by partnering with their leadership in their anti-bullying efforts.  As a former Roanoke County School Board member, Pastor Tom has enjoyed the benefit of great friendships that have allowed us to work with RCPS with such projects as Special Olympics, Pack the Bus, Teacher Appreciation, and Anti-Bullying
For more information about this campaign, please go to the Anti-Bullying page of this website.

Being the Believing

Pastor Tom has written two books.  One entitled Being the Believing and a sequel entitled Being the Believing 2.0
Both books can be purchased from

Below are the links to each book on Amazon as well as a link to the Being the Believing 2.0 website.  

Wheels For Hope 

A couple from CommUNITY Church came up with this idea knowing the joy bicycles can bring to children, having a child of their own.  From that initial idea, Pastor Tom launched Wheels for Hope with the goal of bringing joy to 1,000 children in Texas! We have decided to continue this idea each year to a location that has been devastated by a natural event.

For more information about this outreach, please go to the Wheels for Hope page of this website.