My Wonderful CommUNITY Church Friend,
     We are meeting Sundays at 11am for worship. We also have a Wednesday morning Bible Study beginning at 10am followed by a Wednesday evening Bible Study which begins at 6:30pm. We follow the safe Covid guidelines listed below.• Weekly sanitization of all areas used
• Families will be required to sit together in the sanctuary
• We will obey any number limit imposed by our state
• A 10-foot distance will be enforced in the sanctuary and marked off on the pews by tape
• We will not use the Hymnals, but will have all words to the cooperate songs on the screens in the sanctuary
• The elderly and vulnerable will be encouraged to remain at home, taking advantage of our online offerings
• The financial offering will be hands free by forgoing our traditional usher/plate method to be replaced with a basket at each entrance/exit. In addition, we will continue to offer our online giving through our website.
• Masks will be recommended for all in attendance and required for all staff, parking lot attendees, greeters, money counters, and those in our video/audio booth.
• There will be no physical contact allowed on the campus: parking lot, hallways, bathrooms, sanctuary, etc.
• Hand sanitizing stations have been installed and will be available at each entrance/exit
• There will be a plan in place to dismiss everyone in sections once the service is over to assist in social distancing
While this bullet list is not exhaustive and is ever-growing/changing, I hope it provides some confidence that we have a holistic plan as your safety is a priority.
     I do appreciate you and thank you. I also wanted to thank those that have faithfully maintained their good financial stewardship as our expenses have remain basically the same through all of this, in spite of the campus being closed. Because of your financial faithfulness, we have been able to meet or even exceed our budget!
God bless you!Your Pastor,
Tom McCracken
Restaurant Revivals During Covid-19 (2020)With restaurants struggling due to the stay at home orders, CommUNITY Church finds a way to support the restaurants and share the Gospel of Christ. CommUNITY Church meets at a different locally owned restaurant several times throughout the lockdown.  They enjoy a meal in their car while listening to a sermon from Pastor Tom and music by CommUNITY3.  100% of all donations go to the restaurant and their employees.  Public is encouraged and invited to attend these events.

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